October 27, 2017
Contact: Mike Colona, Treasurer
Missourians for Patient Care
Phone: 314-531-1333

‘Missouri Patient Care Act’ Begins Signature Collection

Missourians for Patient Care Approval to Circulate

Missourians for Patient Care (MPC) is excited to announce the official approval to begin collecting signatures. The Missouri Patient Care Act (2018-271) is a ballot initiative that would allow patients to legally use medical cannabis with the written certification by a physician who treats patients diagnosed with those qualifying medical conditions.

Compared against other ballot measures, the Missouri Patient Care Act has the funding advantage of needing an average of 60,000 fewer signatures to qualify, while providing a strategic advantage of enabling state and local improvements to this regulatory system in the future.

Petitions proposing statutory changes must be signed by five percent of legal voters in any six of the eight congressional districts. Petitions proposing constitutional changes must be signed by eight percent of legal voters in any six of the eight congressional districts. Figures are reflected in Table A. MPC is excited to launch the signature collection process to place this measure before Missouri voters next fall.

Required Signatures 2018-271 2018-041054
Congressional District 5% for Statutory Change 8% for Constitutional Change
1 15,983 25,572
2 21,144 33,830
3 18,997 30,395
4 16,940 27,103
5 16,348 26,157
6 17,879 28,607
7 17,159 27,454
8 15,817 25,306
Total Signatures Needed 140,267 224,424

Table A: *Note these figures calculate collecting signatures in every Congressional District as opposed to any 6 out of 8

To date, (measure 2018-271) filed is the only initiative that:

  1. Requires local community support prior to and/or after to any local licensing authority has granted local use (RSMo 195.909 Section 3).
  2. Supports all drug treatment centers (dealing with other drug abuses) (RSMo 195.961 Section 3(b).
  3. Details exactly how local communities would allow for medical use (RSMo 195.969, 195.972).

The “Missouri Patient Care Act” (2018-271) also prevents:

  1. Wasteful state spending by using existing supervisor of liquor control (RSMo 311.660 Section 2).
  2. Inappropriate uses by banning local home grows or group smokes (RSMo 195.981 Section 10(3).
  3. The mishandling of large amounts of cannabis through strict sales limits (RSMo 197.978 Section 3(1).

Unlike previous efforts in Missouri, MPC is taking the best practices learned from other successful initiatives in other states and applying them to this statutory measure. MPC believes its initiative provides the best structure for creating this industry in Missouri.